Lowell Picklyk, President


Lowell is a co-founder and co-owner of Syncrety with David Ulmer.  He is responsible for customer relationship management, sales, marketing, consulting, solution development, and business vision and direction.

Lowell says...

"I've worked for both large and small IT companies, and have been working with computer systems since the '386 computers were around, and played around with computers since before the 8088 computers were available... it makes me feel old. My first hands-on exposure to computers was in high school where we got to connect to a university with a dial-up modem (no Internet) and learn basic programming skills. I loved it! From there I would use computers at friends' houses as we never had one at home, and soon started helping people out as I learned about computers and software.

"Around 1991 I purchased my first computer by AST. Not long after, I got a job working in the service department of a company that built and sold computers. I enjoyed the challenges of building, troubleshooting, and working with computers and associated software.

"I'm a family man. I love my wife and two girls immensely. One of the most daunting challenges I continue to work through is maintaining the balance of work and family life. You business owners know what I mean. It's wonderful doing what we do but there's literally no end to the work in and on our business... so much potential, so much room for improvement!

"I have high ethical and quality standards and work hard to build these into our business practices. I value the integrity we've shown in our customer relationships over the years... many of our customers have become friends and we are grateful for each one.

"I have enjoyed helping build this company and the wonderful team we have. We have a lot of laughs, but we work hard and sometimes long hours. I love our office and my work space... finally my office at work is a more productive and relaxing place to work than my office at home, which was my preferred workplace in previous jobs. That's a very good thing.

"I am thankful for each of the folks in our company. I believe in them and want to do for them far more than it seems a day's demands provide. At the end of the day I want Syncrety to be a great place to work and I want our people to enjoy working with each other and with our customers. I want us all to be doing our best, always learning, always innovating, and exceeding expectations. I want our customers to be thoroughly satisfied with the work we do for them."

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