David Ulmer, Managing Partner

David is a co-founder and co-owner of Syncrety with Lowell Picklyk.  He is responsible for managing service delivery and service staff, human resources, business financials, consulting, solution development, and business vision and direction.

Lowell says...

"David and I are brothers-in-law but also friends going back I think a couple decades. Everyone tells you never to go into business with family... and sometimes friends. Well I did both and don't regret it. I can't disagree with the general advice but in Syncrety our friendship has helped us work through our company's growth together. As I often tell our customers, David and I come up with better solutions for our customers than either of us could on our own. We regularly brainstorm through the day whether about new potential solutions, existing issues at customer sites, projects, or internal development.

"David's willingness in 2014 to take on the entire service management role as well as Finance has helped make the year a pivotal one for us. His ability to tackle the most difficult IT problems, to dig in deep and think wide has resulted in innovative and quality solutions both internally and with our customers that help distinguish Syncrety in our field. Together I know we can continue to build the company we both dreamed of for years before we were able to start it."