Diane Hill, Office Administrator

Diane is responsible for an ever-widening suite of tasks in Syncrety including day-to-day accounting, year-end and taxes, inventory tracking, payroll, vendor accounting, RMA processing, interfacing with our accounting firm (Daley & Company LLC), payments and statements, and shipping and receiving.

Lowell says...

"Diane is a friend from years back. We worked at the same place once and I had hoped we would eventually work together again in my company. Shortly after David and I started Syncrety we hired Diane and are continually grateful she took the risk and joined our brand new company way back then. She has taken on so many of our administrative tasks and has enabled us to spend more time on building and improving Syncrety.

"As I handed off accounting and administration tasks to Diane there came a point not long after where she was working on new tasks and documenting new processes for tasks I'd never done. It's a continual source of joy for me to know that these responsibilities are in such competent hands. Diane is also so willing to help in the myriad tasks that crop up on a daily basis whether that's helping to paint the unique modular desks David built for each of us, or organizing the storage and inventory room. Diane shows commitment and strong motivation to help us wherever she can. Also she has what is the prerequisite sense of humor required in our workplace.

"David has worked with Diane to add the Service Dispatch role to her set of responsibilities and she has risen well to the challenge. This role is challenging especially if you're not as technically experienced in our industry. Nevertheless through her work in Dispatch more attention is being paid to your tickets and better scheduling is being done. That's a wonderful thing for us."