Staci Picklyk, Support Assistant

Staci (Lowell Picklyk's wife) provides part-time technical and administrative assistance as she is available. She helps with computer onboarding and offboarding, IT documentation, our internal managed service systems, computer and server updates, and other IT-related tasks. Additionally she’s been helping with working on our marketing systems and some sales processes.

Lowell says...

"Staci is of course my wife, my best friend... yet I think I can still be a bit objective here. :) Staci's interests in computers, gaming and finding technical solutions have contributed to having her help us out on a regular basis.

"She designed and managed two iterations of a SharePoint web solution for a local homeschooling group, donating vast amounts of personal time building the solution that provided email, calendar, blog, registration (including PayPal-based payment and tracking), membership tracking, automated emails and workflows, discussion forums and other capabilities to the home school members. As in almost any development there are odd and frustrating walls around and over which you must build workarounds. She'd collaborate with David and/or myself along the way but in the end she was the one who wanted to implement the solution so she'd have a better idea of how it worked and how to support it. She also does work with enhancing process documents in Word to utilize advanced functions for better organization and navigation.

"This sort of tenacity is valuable in our industry. Her time is limited as she's homeschooling our girls but eventually I can envision her doing more with us as our girls grow up."